cartel portada del libro Temporalidades en Cuba

Thinking about temporalities in Cuba. Presentation of the new book by Ediciones Temas

«Last November 18th, as part of the VI Colloquium “Building the Nation”, in memory of Oscar Loyola Vega, a new title published by Ediciones Temas was presented. It is a book coordinated by Blandine Destremau, Ana Vera Estrada and Mildred de la Torre, with the title Pensando las temporalidades en Cuba [Thinking about Temporalities in Cuba]. Catalejo here presents the words spoken on that occasion».

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Migration in numbers

«My economist friends always remind me of the importance of numbers and of doing one’s math right. Now that many observers compare the current migration with that of the rafter crisis (1994) and the Mariel boatlift (1980), we should clarify some numerical points.»

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cartel reseña Uj

Primary Health Care in Cuba: talking with aliens

«…To address some of the problems about health and the links between health and society in today’s Cuba, the journal Temas invited a group of specialists who devoted October’s Ultimo Jueves panel to the topic «Primary health care: updating the model?»

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Juan Valdés Paz

Chatting with Juan Valdés one year after his decease

«We miss you, Juan. What a big void you left us. It is still hard to get used to the fact that your sharp comments, your loud, very loud sarcastic remarks are no longer there. You were a true teacher for anyone who came to you with questions. You encouraged everyone to read, reflect rigorously and think for themselves…»

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