Descansa en paz Radamés Giro

RIP Radamés Giro

With great regret, the members of the editorial team of Temas magazine say goodbye to Rada, a faithful, generous and wise friend, who for years remained a member of our Advisory Council and a close collaborator. As a tribute we share this note sent to our editorial office by Raúl A. Fernández.

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UJ 20 años

Último Jueves on its 20th birthday: Reporting to the readers

«…Therefore, the presence of contrasting and opposing points of view has been neither an exceptional, casual or surprising fact nor an oversight, but a regular feature of these panels. In other words, what has given Ultimo Jueves some meaning since the very beginning and motivated the public and Temas readers, who have been able to listen to a debate in stereo and at the same level instead of choruses engaged in separate monologues or cliques flooding in the networks that have nothing to do with a debate of ideas…»

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Serie La historia-english

Notes on the Department of Philosophy of the University of Havana (1963-1971). A brief review

«The Department of Philosophy collided head-on with “the Church,” that is, with the Manual of Konstantinov and the Soviet bibliography. It became evident very quickly what these really meant: Soviet Marxism-Leninism intended to become the content of the Marxist education and the official ideology of the Revolution, as part of a biased project to convert Cuba into yet another appendage of the so-called Socialist system. This characteristic was not only different but it also denied reality and the Cuban socialist revolutionary project».

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Nine days (and 11 months) later: an interview with Yunior García

«This conversation was recorded in the small bathroom of the Argos Teatro a couple of hours before the performance of Hembra (Female), on Sunday, December 6, 2020. It was the only reserved space, away from the auditorium and the corridor in front of the dressing rooms where the actresses were doing vocalizations. He offered me a stool and he sat on the only other available place: the toilet».

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Crime on the Table

«What is crime? What is its nature? Does it have other definitions according to the characteristics of the country? Is it a deviation from the established norms? If that were the case, is every deviation legally a crime?» A few hours away from the UJ panel about the Causes and Variations of Crime, we recall another of the moments dedicated to the topic.

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